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We, S. P. Industries, has been successful in marking a strong presence in the market by providing flawless and uncompromising quality electrical and household products to customers in India and abroad. Some amongst the wide range of products are Double Stage Centrifugal Blowers, Industrial Fans, Root Compressor, Pumping Heating and Filtering Units, Axial Flow Fans, Air Pollution Control Equipments (Dust Collectors, Cylones, Multiclones, Dry & Wet Scrubbers etc.), Industrial Furnaces, Ovens in Delhi India.

Every Champion Branded Products has a story of continuous, relentless excellence behind it. We assure that individual product delivers quality and cost effective services for a long time period. Our company offers an array of products under the brand name Champion to consumers.

We are specialized in the field of application engineering and its working strategy is of concept to commissioning. Enroute its journey of 50 years, while it has  accomplished many industrial air handling and ventilation projects for various medium and large scale of their problems successfully.

Champion Design and manufacture many indoor environmental control system and engineering solution systems for most typical problems successfully.

Champion work through the first principles of science and engineering; and therefore the resulting design and selection of environmental control system is virtually a complete and success system.

Industrial air handling fans / blowers are our in house designed and manufactured products. These equipments are the heart of the ventilation and air handling systems and therefore are sized ans selected with utmost care. we custom design and manufacture the air handling fan of all type as such Centrifugal, Axial Flow, Centrifugal-Axial (Combine); in single stage and two stage design, and in various accurate configurations.

The rotary assemblies of our fans / blowers are both statically and dynamically balanced for their smooth operation and application. This job of dynamic balancing is done in house onto state of the art dynamic balancing machine (Blue Star) which is a microprocessor based equipment.
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SP Industries is one of the famous Manufacturer in the field of Industrial Blowers, Furnaces, Ovens, Pumping and Heating Units and Industrial Burners. We manufacture our products as per customer requirement. We also take care of product design as per industrial norms.

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